Emergency Tire Sealant & Inflator is designed to quickly seek-out and effectively seal most normal punctures and slow leaks.

  • It is 100% applicable to breach within 6mm on tubeless rubber tires of cars, motorcycles, electrical bicycles.
  • No jack nor tire-change is needed.
  • One step procedure of tires pumping and repairing is finished in seconds.
  • It can also be filled into new tires to prevent unexpected leakage.
  • Non-toxic and odorless. No corrosion and no damage to the tire.
Type    Tire Sealant
Material Type   Tin-plate can spray bottle
Volume    450ml



  1. If possible remove object causing puncture.
    2. Shake the can well before use.
    3. Screw connecting tube firmly onto tires valve.
    4. Hold the can upright-button uppermost-remove protector cap-press button until tires appears firm.
    5. After pumping is finished, disconnect both ends of the tube. Immediately drive 3-5 km to allow the sealer to spread in tires and mend the puncture. Then check and adjust tires pressure.


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